Apple iWatch: features it needs to have

There is a lot of buzz about the possibility of the Apple iWatch being released this year. These are the features that I wish the iWatch would have.

Last Updated: Jun 29, 2014 8:11 am
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  • Sleep monitoring
    If the iWatch is comfortable enough to wear to bed, it could take advantage of an accelerometer to track your sleep stages to wake you up at the best possible time. The best time to wake up is when you are not in a REM stage of sleeping, and during REM your body is paralyzed, so the iWatch could easily detect this.
  • E-Ink display
    Having an e-ink display would give the iWatch a long battery life. Currently e-ink displays are very limited in their refresh rate, and the ability to use colors. E-ink works by having 2 powders in each pixel. One powder is negatively charged, and the other is positively charged. Each pixel sets its charge and the color opposite to that charge gets pushed up the to top and you see that color in the pixel. It would be really cool if the pixels had metal powder in them so that the watch face could look like solid metal.
  • Camera under the wrist
    Think about how easy it would be to take a picture if there was a camera on the bottom of your wrist. Try pointing the bottom of your wrist now and see how natural it is. With a button on the iWatch hot-wired to snap an instant photo, you'd never miss a quick photo op again.
  • Heart rate monitor
    This would be great for anyone who does cardio activity, and with a built in GPS the iWatch would be one of the best cardio tracking devices you could buy. This would also be useful for the average person to track your overall health to see what your resting heart rate is at, to alert someone in the event of a heart attack, or any situation where your heart stops.
  • Long curved glass display
    I'm not a big fan of the current square designs of smart watches. Having a long, curved display so that the watch looks more like a nike fuel band than a traditional watch would really make me want to buy and wear an iWatch.
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