Life Lessons Taught through Video Games

The ushering in of the digital age has had many effects on people of all walks of life. Video games, in particular have become strongly embedded into everyday lives.

George Wang
Last Updated: Jun 23, 2013 11:24 am
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  • Anything is Possible
    The most important thing that video games teach us is that anything is possible. Through gameplay experiences, we make goals, we meet goals, and we become winners. The same experiences relate to ones we have in our natural lives as well. Anything can happen online, and this is also true in the real world. Through Good or Bad, Fun or Boring, video games have taught us to be hopeful and optimistic. We have learned that practically anything can happen within a video game, and such lessons also carry forward to the real world. Cheats, scams, losses, wins, video games have prepared us for
  • Training Leads to Results
    For those of you who grumble when the word training is brought up, remember that training is the route which needs to be taken in any situation. As with video gameplay, constant practice and training is needed in order to better ourselves in the real world. We are reminded that a lack of training leads to losses, a reminder to everybody that success in life is often the direct result of training and hard work.
  • Failure Leads to Succes
    When we experiences failures in the real world, we are often overcome with negative feelings which do not go away easily. Uncertainty is a real downer, as confidence often becomes shattered. Video Games have taught us that failures can often lead to success in the future. This does not mean that we should aim to first fail in order to gain success. However, we realize that the process to beating an opponent or game takes many twists and turns. When we fail in our first attempts, we understand that there are second chances, and that it often takes more than one shot to accomplish a task.
  • Learning is Life Long Process
    Video Games taught us that learning is a lifelong journey. In the time that passes between the start of gameplay and total mastery, learning has occurred every step of the way. This phenomenon has taught to be humble and not to be cocky. In order to truly understand how something works and runs, we need to constantly improving our knowledge it. From player vs. player competitions to racing the computer, everyday we learn something new to make us better off. Sometimes we learn through trial and error, other times from the experience of others. Nonetheless, everyday we grow and the knowledge we take away make us better players and people.
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