top 10 zombie survival guild

the end of the world is eminent, no madder what your gunna want to have an escape plan for survival!!

Tanner Naeschke
Last Updated: Oct 28, 2012 6:20 pm
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  • stock up on outdoor guilds and survival books, hunting guilds... and so on (internet will be no more!!)
  • smoking ciggarets turns you into a zombie, DON'T SMOKE
  • invest in some wepons and mabby even a gas mask for best results ;)
  • avoid using guns at all cost, loud noices attracts zombies and other survivors!
  • avoid other gangs of people and militals.. trust no one!
  • you can only kill a zombie by mucking up their brain (pocket knives are usless)
  • have a bike, or alternative sorce of transportation incase of EMP surges (cars with computers wont start))
  • if you have a group, have a preset meet spot in case cellular capabilites are lost.
  • Have a set route to a safe spot, as far away for civilization as posible. (northern wilderness works good)
  • Have a bug out bag close at hand, full of survival equipment. (knife, guns, rope, light, matches)
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